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Lemon Bars!

Sour, tangy, acidic. That's what lemons are for me. I didn't really think of lemon as my main ingredient on my future baked goods. Why? Well maybe because its price here in the Philippines is relatively high, just like strawberries. Also, my acidity levels are always on the verge and I keep a big amount of coffee on the list of my weekly intake of acidic foods. That's why lemons are not on my list.

But this early week of February, we went to the chilly yet amazing land of Sagada and we were informed that lemons are one of their main product! We were so surprised as what we have known, lemons are just imported by other countries. So after exploring the historic undergrounds, scenic views, hanging coffins, muddy mountains and warm cafes. We headed to the marketplace and bought a lot of cheap but really fresh vegetables as Sagada is known to be one of the source of the veggies that are sold at SM supermarkets and local wet markets. We were so ecstatic about our vegetable hoar…

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